March 11, 2003 Garage Fire
-Lemay Fire Protection District

Two-alarm Garage fire on the corner of Weiss and Reed

Affton Fire Protection District
Mehlville Fire Protection District &
City of St. Louis Fire Department also on scene

Shortly after this photo from I-55 & Reavis Barracks was taken, a second alarm was struck
View as I arrived 'on scene'
building is fully involved at this point
Mehlville #1750 dropping hose
Mehlville #1750 dropping hose
a view down the street
LFPD #1610, AFPD #1114 and STLFD Engine #34
the smoke thickens
a little bit smokey4
LFPD #1610
LFPD #1610, AFPD #1114 and STLFD Engine #34
Lemay #1610 and Affton #1114
Lemay #1610 and Affton #1114
Of course, we have to have the local news media
not much left
lost a large garage, a motorhome, an Exploder, and another car

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